Digital Asset Management


Do you need to manage publishing content and/or techniques?

We offer flexible solutions adapted to your business needs: Digital Asset Management (DAM), Content Management System (CMS) and Product Information Management (PIM).

These collaborative solutions simplify exchanges and internal processes: they enable the writing, management and sharing among all the participants of the project by taking into account the roles of each person via a validation workflow and customized workspaces

Developing a mobile application

développement_application _mobile

Do you want to create an application to distribute information about your product or service? Do you want to create a distribution platform for your publications? Do you want to adapt your publications for mobile tablets and smartphones with impressive interactivity?

Whether it is mobile web applications (WebApps) or native mobile applications (Apps), 4Dconcept advises and supports you in the optimization of your processes and digital production tools and in the dissemination of your publication to the mobile network.

Industry Watch and Analysis


Are you looking for a coherent solution that will allow you to search, process and view information in real-time, an appropriate decision-support solution in line with the changes and trends of your economic environment 

Automatic layout


Publication managers, do you want to set up page layout quickly and automatically? Do you want to make it easier for your layout artists to put your publications together? Yet you have hard-to-change practices and working with InDesign is crucial for you!

The message was not lost on 4Dconcept, who developed a plugin dedicated especially to automatic page layout via InDesign. From your content management tool, you ca automatically load your templates in just a few clicks.  

CMMS : maintenance management solution


Are you looking for a solution to control the maintenance costs of your facilities? A solution to optimize the technical and human resources required for your maintenance and operational activity?

We offer a decision-support solution that is designed to provide your technicians with real support and ensure the continuity of normal services on your systems and equipment.

This solution is called CAMM (computer-aided maintenance management).

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