Author in S1000D, quite simply

XML software for your business


ADAM Author lets you easily write rich, structured and modular content for documents using a tool specially designed to provide authors, regardless of their field expertise, with comfort of a standard word processor, as simple as Word !

XML editor configurable and open (API)


ADAM Author is a "tagless" XML editor, based on a solid engine, opent to API, rapidly configurable for your particular business, regardless of your editorial structure or your DTD.

Together with ADAM Manager CMS, ADAM Author lets you expand production power, reduce errors and improve overall quality so that you can focus on the fundamentals - the content.

Main features

  • Dedicated S1000D, ATA2300 toolbar
  • Structured copy-paste from Word
  • Error-free and quick reference creation by drag & drop
  • Real-time BREX support and validation
  • Wysiwyg, tagless, PDF preview
  • Authoring 3D connected to 3DVia composer (DS)

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