S1000D multi-channel IETP viewer

Your technical publication on mobile tablet


ADAM Viewer is a web viewer for S1000D 4.1 (IETP Class 4) documentation designed to provide your clients with access to you own e-documentation via a “ready-to-use” web portal.

From your clients’ perspective, ADAM Viewer adds value to your product documentation: offer their teams the chance to view user, repair or maintenance-in-operational-conditions (MCO) procedures.

This viewer offers an optimal viewing experience based on an HTLML5 display that automatically synchronizes the elements presented (texts, illustrations, multimedia, 3D objects …), whether you are working on a PC or a tablet.

Your MOC everywhere, all the time (on & off line)


ADAM Viewer is equipped with a very powerful search engine in the form of an indexing system based on SoLR technology. The user has a facet selection mechanism that optimizes and facilitates access to the content of the search.

ADAM Viewer is a plug-and-play web application that is compatible with most major browsers. Access to the application is by an authentication system using login and password. The administrator manages access and features available for users.

ADAM Viewer can be installed as a stand-alone version on tablet or client/server. No prerequisites are required for installation.

Main features

  • Advanced search
  • Advanced printing
  • Insertion of bookmarks, remarks and annotations
  • Tab browsing
  • Browsing history
  • Day and night modes
  • Maintenance scenario creation
  • Spare parts cart
  • Data filtering depending on configuration
  • 3D browsing
  • Multi-language Interface (FR,EN,ES)
  • Online help

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