Capitalize on and control your publishing material

Enjoy one-stop access to your publishing material and information sources


As an archiving, search and feed aggregation platform, XMS Content Factory  will absorb all internal content that is present available to your organization but also the most relevant data for you from the web via information feeds (RSS, social networks, FTP, HTTP, SIPA, REUTERS, databases, …)

XMS Content Factory  supports structured and unstructured data. It is “agnostic”: the data are inserted without being transformed before hand and without any predefined schema. This special feature provides extreme agility because it eliminates transformation processes.

Control and enrich you publishing material and create new content


XMS Content Factory  is a tool that you can use to explore and improve your publishing material and your various sources of information, depending on your use licence. Using a simple search, you can enrich your content with metadata. This content can be indexed and annotated manually or automatically (IPTC and Open Data classification).

XMS Content Factory meets many needs with its advanced search features, configurable according to you requirements. Produce saveable searches and organize your content in thematic folders to add value and generate new products for multi-channel distribution.These strong points mean it can be used in most business sectors.

Your new real-time decision-support solution


Save your information feeds as saved searches in the back-office application. Various widgets can be associated with  your saved searches:

  • Search: View your searches as a list of saved searches
  • Geo position: View in  a world map the geographical position associated with your search
  • Timeline: See the evolution of your search over time
  • Trend: Spot the trends in relation to your searchin a word cloud
  • Graph: Cross your data and get a statistical analysis of your search

XMS Content Factory gives you the possibility to create your own customized search engine by simplifying the action through your own dedicated web interface.

Discover a new approach to strategic marketing : instigate your marketing watch yourself.

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