The cross-media publishing software suite in a DITA standard



The easy to use DITA software suite lets you get started quickly with turnkey installation for customers. As a web based application, it lets you configure profiles and validate workflows for different user business lines.

In the workspaces, users work in synergy when writing their technical documentation, which they can then publish in multi-channel mode (paper, web, and mobile application) and send, translated, in a few clicks.

More than a simple content management tool, this DITA CMS will be THE orchestrator of your global technical documentation authoring and publishing process.

rédaction DITA
rédaction DITA

As an XML editor based on oXygen technology, “tagless” and in a DITA standard, DITA Author lets you easily create technical, structured, modular and interactive content, using a tool with specially designed ergonomics that provides the author, regardless of his or her domain, with comfort close to that of a standard text editor, as simple as Word

CMS Dita
CMS Dita

DITA Manager is a collaborative solution designed for authoring, managing, translating and distributing modular content in a DITA standard or for producing technical documentation.

It provides a unique referential that centralizes all your technical content with options such as advanced search, workflow validation, translation management and multi-channel publication (paper, web and mobile applications).

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