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XMS PressNews is an authoring (CMS publishing) or PIM (Product Information Management) system: a collaborative work tool that helps you to organize your publishing material (articles, desktop publication documents, multimedia…

It constitutes a centralized reference database that allows you to access all your material via a unique portal, and opening up new publishing perspectives.

Use your contents and publish cross-media


Upstream to publishing, XMS PressNews is connected to your usual publishing tools (InDesign), to the XMS Author editor or to external XML feeds, so as to centralize and unify the contents. Downstream, this solution simultaneously feeds your usual tools for paper publication (InDesign® and your digital distribution channels such as websites, mobile applications, ePub3, HTML5….

XMS PressNews accepts and indexes any structured XML with a minimum of configuration, as well as any media or metadata format: PDF, animation, videos. 4Dconcept also proposes a professional authoring solution for press and magazine publishers, incorporated in the composing tool : InDesign®, via a bi-directional plug-in.


Main features

  • Produce various content using web data entry interfaces or professional editors(various connectors available: Word®, Open Office®, FrameMaker®, InDesign®, Xmetal®, Oxygen®…)
  • Manage content in a unique reference database
  • Manage dedicated workspaces by content type
  • Publishing workflow for content production
  • Version management and translation of product content
  • Cart and file management to simplify collaborative work
  • Customized search, full text, by facets, of metadata
  • Content preview
  • Manage distribution variants: listing and adjustment of content according to distribution support (web publication, tablet, paper)
  • ADOBE INDESIGN® composition automate: Project content authored in XMS in InDesign® blocks & PDF rendering via InDesign® plug-in for paper printing
  • HTML rendering via your web CMS

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