Industry Watch and Analysis

Competitive watch, media watch & Big Data



Do strategic and competitive watch represent crucial lines of development for you?

Take charge of the knowledge of your economic and technological environments with XMS Content Factory, keep ahead of the game by being informed directly of market developments and timing.

Gather and analyze strategic information to help you make correct decisions.

Draw up your paper and digital strategic informational aids in a few clicks of the mouse, and communicate them easily across multiple delivery channels. 



Be the first to communicate the right information in real-time!

4Dconcept offers a media watch solution that enables you to raise your profile, control your online reputation and analyze your information directly via metrics.

Using XMS Content Factory, you can centralize your media watch follow breaking news stories that are relevant to you and easily reuse information. Analyze your favorite subjects across time and space.Share your analyses by creating paper publications (PDF files) or digital publications (ePub3 orapp). Then quickly mass-distribute your information via crossmedia.

Big Data


Create value using BIG DATA.

How do you analyze data that comes from BIG DATA? How do you use various data to help you make the right decisions for your company?

With XMS Content Factory, 4Dconcept provides you with the BIG DATA analysis platform!

The platform is available in two forms: a back office for configuration and a front office for graphical analysis.

Make structured and non-structured data interact in order to extract a pertinent analysis presented as a constantly changing graphic or word-cloud, depending on the development of the source you are following.

This solutions is based on MarkLogic technology.

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