4D Concept and Aquafadas are now Partners !

October, 2015

Nowadays, cross media publishing is in fashion, but cross- media is much more than a simple trend: it is essential. For many of the things we do throughout the day, we are connected to our mobile devices permanently. In pour professional lives and in our private lives, we are used to getting information instantly. Even information has evolved : it has become interactive. That is why companies must think differently about the production and publication of their information right from the first drafts.

As experts in documentation systems, 4D Concept understands perfectly this major transformation and provides business solutions designed to make the best of your publishing production processes and cross-media publications4D Concept is rounding off its offering by integrating the Creative Flow solution from Aquafadas. This solution is aimed at the press, publishing, and training sectors, as well as company marketing and communication services.

Develop your content and create electronic publications!

With XMS and Creative Flow solutions, 4D Concept provides you with a new way of designing your content and of easily publishing it on different media : right from the start of writing your content, XMS uses the XML data format to increase your performance and your capacity to (re)use your content. From an XML data feed, you can automatically generate content and populateyour InDesign templates. In other words, generate your electronic publication in a few clicks.

Are you looking for a comprehensive productionmanagement and multichannel distribution solution?

4D Concept can accompany you throughout your digital transformation!

About Aquafadas

Aquafadas is an innovative software editor and a leader inpublishing for tablets, smartphones, and the web. Its solutions for creating and distributing digital content are tailored for press, publishing and communication professionals and companies. Customers include : Lagardère, 3 Suisses, Bayard, Shueisha, Sanoma, Mondadori, Allianz, Deloitte, Sesame Street, Turkish Airlines, and Logic-Immo. Aquafadas is a subsidiary of the Japanese group Rakuten.

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