ATA iSpec 2200 and ASD S1000D.

“The origin of the standardization of technical maintenance data goes back to the birth of the ATA in the 1950s. This organization produced several documentation standards up to ATA iSpec 2200[…]. S1000D, which presented structural similarities but was much more up-to-the-minute as it used XML, appeared as the ideal alternative.”

Devops, quality, security and performance

Technical Writing: history and evolution of the discipline

Focus: S1000D Training

Despite all the advantages of a documentation standard such as S1000D, it brings with it its share of constraints. This standard is above all specific to certain sectors of activity and its implementation can be complex at the beginning. Find out why follow a S1000D training is an essential step to manage a S1000D structured documentation project.

DITA, S1000D… What if you have to choose?

You’ve probably already heard of it; you’ve looked into it: DITA and S1000D are streamlined editorial standards that help you improve the management of the production and distribution of your technical publications (user manuals, maintenance manuals, training manuals, technical-sales offers, etc.).

Document engineering: the ADAM Suite facilitates the process

Documents used to consist in a manual which came with the equipment being delivered. However, this format is undergoing changes. Document engineering now embraces a mainly electronic approach.