Enterprise Content Management Systems

Every company out there now knows that the various offerings available on the market are becoming increasingly complex in nature. And the same goes for every industry. Undergoing incessant growth, their reach is expanding globally, and their size is progressing accordingly. Document management for all the content produced by each company must reflect this growing activity. To match the rapidly evolving demand, enterprise content needs to increase in quantity and in volume, and it should also be more varied. Organisations are now under the obligation to rely on ever more powerful enterprise content management systems (ECM) to meet the demand generated by these fast-growing markets.

Whether it concern content services pertaining to product design, to offerings or to processes and company management information, it is imperative to monitor the lifecycle of this raw data closely and on every level. This is why it is essential to be able to rely on effective, fast and instinctive enterprise content management systems to help save time when creating, distributing and managing this data and the deliverables that ensue (documentation management in particular).

Enterprise Content Management Systems

Enterprise Content Management Systems: Your Data Is the Heart of your Organisation

4D Concept specialises in the design and implementation of enterprise content management systems (ECM). Thanks to this content management software, 4D Concept is able to adapt to your market and to offer a level of service that meets the current expectations of the market. A suite of tools now makes it possible for you to select the right type of content management system based on the tasks you wish to carry out:

  • Collaborative, theme-based documentation and records management
  • Media management and centralisation
  • Manage your products and product information in paper or digital format or as web content
  • Manage all your documentary units and other technical material (Topics, DM)



Enterprise Content Management Systems

Strong points

  • • Enjoy a cloud-based database to centralise all your content. Access your structured and unstructured database as well as the corresponding deliverables (documents and assembled documents such as slideshows, generated archives, html, etc.).
  • Centralise and secure your data and all your documentary resources.
  • Using a enterprise content management system, you can review your documents and organise the different versions.
  • All your workflows are configurable.
  • Adjust the solution to your company’s size, learn how to manage access rights for a growing number of users.
  • Support for metadata
  • Use the indexing and search functions to organise your data
  • Save time by integrating external data sources to feed your documentary resources (reviews, price, recent recommendations…)
  • Use content syndication to quickly transfer relevant data to the appropriate actors
  • Streamlined document editing functionalities
  • Work across your extended enterprise and leverage your network to build your project
  • Make sure your documents are GDPR compatible at every level of distribution.

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