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Mobiles applications

Need an APP that is IOS, ANDROID and WINDOWS compatible? Ask us.

Do you want to create an application or to distribute information about your product or service? Do you need to create a distribution platform for your publications? Do you want to adapt your publications for mobile tablets and smartphones with impressive interactivity?

Whether it is mobile web applications (WebApps) or native mobile applications (Apps), 4D Concept advises and supports you in the optimization of your processes and digital production tools and in the dissemination of your publication to the mobile network.

Mobiles applications

Your customized mobile APPs

By taking an identical HTML5 orientation from the very beginning on the 3 major operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows), 4D Concept offers unique, high-performance, customized interfaces for different businesses:

  • Schoolbooks and MCQs
  • Interactive magazine
  • Practical guides (tourism, cooking, …)
  • Legal texts
  • Film scripts
  • User or maintenance guides
  • Onboard interfaces (automobiles)
  • Augmented reality
  • Product communication
  • Sales
  • Other
Mobiles applications

Strong points

  • Expertise at the top of the latest mobile technologies
  • Active investment in R & D in new technologies
  • Facilitated access to digital documentation
  • Adaptive Technologies: HTML5, Android, iOS, Phonegap, MirrorLink, CarPlay, Augmented Reality, 3D, ...

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