Using digital models

Contrary to popular belief, making simplified images from an existing 3D models of the type used in design offices is not very expensive, compared to a 2D vector drawing drawn from scratch or from layers.

Using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) data, mined by the design office, lets you extract key data to get the best out of processing information on hardware items and on their interaction.

Often fielding such requests, 4D Concept has benefited from the lessons learned dealing with problems of retrieving and optimizing digital models for customer support.

Using digital models

Get the best out of a 3D design-office type model

4D Concept puts its 3D expertise at the service of Customer Support by providing:

  • Consulting and audit
  • Training and support
  • Development, integration and conversion
  • 3D graphic production
  • Simplification of 3D files, by adapting the content of the models
  • Illustrated catalogs

Integrating innovative 3D-solutions

4D Concept assists you in transforming and using design information (BOM, digital models) for maintenance documentation by integrating the most innovative solutions on the market.

Using digital models

Strong points

  • Productivity gain (reducing the volume of writing and improving time-to-market)
  • Decreasing translation and production costs of images and illustrations
  • Better localization of maintenance operations

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