With the ADAM software (S1000D, ATA2300), WIN IN PRODUCTIVITY !

The ADAM software suite enables you to produce, manage, publish and distribute your technical documentation. It easily adapts to your PLM tools via configuration or API to create, manage and make the most of data in S1000D v4.1 or ATA2300 or your standard format. 


ADAM Author lets you easily write rich, structured and modular content for documents using a tool specially designed to provide authors, regardless of their field expertise, with comfort of a standard word processor, as simple as Word !


Doc’Advance, 4Dconcept’s normalized CMS, is available in pre-configured versions that cover the main aeronautic and defense programmes (A400M, Horizon, Rafale, Mirage 2000, NH90) in SGML and XML (S1000D <2.3, ATA2200).


ADAM Manager, the CMS for modular documentation, has taken on board the most recent technologies for user interfaces and content management and achieved significant productivity and quality gains. Managing S1000D & ATA2300 projects has never been so simple. 


ADAM Publisher helps you generate your publication for multichannel distribution. Highly configurable, it allows you to easily approve, transform and distribute all types of source content.


ADAM Viewer is a web viewer for S1000D 4.1 (IETP Class 4) documentation designed to provide your clients with access to you own e-documentation via a “ready-to-use” web portal.

From your clients’ perspective, ADAM Viewer adds value to your product documentation : offer their teams the chance to view user, repair or maintenance-in-operational-conditions (MCO) procedures.

This viewer offers an optimal viewing experience based on an HTLML5 display that automatically synchronizes the elements presented (texts, illustrations, multimedia, 3D objects …), whether you are working on a PC or a tablet.

l'entreprise étendue

Optimize information exchanges with your suppliers! Supporting complex sustems requires the exchange of large, voluminous, and (S1000D & ATA2300) standardized chunks of data with your suppliers and business partners.

ADAM Data Checker is an online parsing service that automates the long and costly steps of data controls (lots of technical documentation, texts, images, ...).

connecteur 3D ADAM Author Catia Composer

A module for creating documentary content has been developed thanks to the strategic partnership between 4Dconcept and Dassault Systèmes, using 3D data from a digital mock-up. This connector couples solutions of ADAM Author and CATIA COMPOSER (DS).

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