Optimize your editorial production process and cross-media publishing

Make your publishing capital secure and worth something by archiving your content and your media in a single reference database. Gain in productivity by authoring, managing, publishing and distributing your content through one single solution.

Get close to your readership, analyze your environment and create new products and services using cross-media distribution.

The XMS suite uses the XML data format at each stage in the publication production process and multiplies your response times and your capacity to (re-)use your content

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XMS Content Factory is an information- and content-gathering tool, an industry-watch tool, a media-analysis tool and a real-time decision-support tool all rolled into one, with advanced search features that are configurable depending on the user needs. Its strengths mean that it can be used for most business sectors


Codex Reader allows you to offer your own digital kiosk. Sell and manage your publications freely to authorized users. Make you brand and your publications visible on the mobile devices of your teams and your clients by allowing them direct access to your editorial collection.


XMS Author is a tag-less XML editor with style sheets that can be configured via a simple CSS. It is especially designed to help your production and to reuse your structured content to optimum effect. Authoring in XML becomes as simple as using your usual word processor: this editor allows you quite simply to forget XML and to create and structure your contents, regardless of their complexity, with surprising ease.

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XMS PressNews is a collaborative work tool that helps you to organize your publishing material. It constitutes a centralized reference database that allows you to access all your material via a unique portal, and opening up new publishing perspectives.


XMS Publisher is a complete publishing system that groups three tools that are indispensable for manufacturing different issues of a magazine: a layout, a production wall, and a PDF feed. The objective of XMS Publisher is above all professional: its purpose is to facilitate the exchanges between the various workflows, to mutualize information by providing an overall view and exchanging the right information with the right partner (printer, photoengraver).

XMS Mobile is a mobile (native) application that enables you to input geo-located text and visual content. This mobile app is directly connected to the DAM XMS Content Factory

XMS Mobile is designed for journalists and content authors, and enables you to draft an article quickly (with no need for a computer) on your mobile device. It also lets you take photos and record videos. 

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