S1000D: Practical training

S1000D training course for technical authors

An S1000D documentary project is part of the production cycle for major industrial programs.

The ASD S1000D specification makes it possible to meet the production needs of documents aimed at ensuring the maintenance in operational conditions of materials (systems and equipment) with a long life cycle and involving many players.

The fields of application generally concern the increase in the availability rates of equipment and the security of systems such as aeronautics, space, maritime, rail, transport, the defense sector.

All of our training can be held face-to-face or remotely.

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Maximum trainees per session: 6


3 days (2 days possible)


March 9, 20121


Available on request


Documentation managers, product managers, technical writers, anyone who needs to produce S1000D-standardized documents


Our training can be held in-person or remotely.

In 2020, we adapted all our courses to the constraints of distance learning. It is now possible for you to benefit from all our expertise from anywhere, without traveling or seeing us.


At the end of the course, you will have acquired the basics of the standard such as:

Structured documentation process from XML writing to publication consultation

S1000D Specification Concepts and Data

Key steps in managing an S1000D documentary project

Basics of Applicability, Containers, CIR

And you will know concretely:

Analyze the coding of S1000D objects: DMC, ICN, PMC, DDN

Analyze and write a Publication Module (PM) and Procedure, Description and IPD type Data Modules in XML format

Use internal/external links principles

Referencing CIR Components and Figures (ICN) in Data Modules

Implementing a DMRL to start an S1000D project


1. Introduction

  • The challenges of documentation in the digital age
  • Structured documentation
  • Modular documentation

2. XML, the bascis

  • Principles of XML markup
  • Principles of DTDs and schemas
  • XPath, XSLT, XSL-FO
  • Publishing XML

3. Origins of S1000D

  • Brief history
  • S1000D among the ASD standards
  • Organization

4. S1000D objects

  • Principles
  • Data Module & Identification
  • Main types of DM
  • Publication Modules

5. CSDB and implementation

  • CSDB
  • Versions and languages
  • Business Rules
  • Production management: metadata, workflow
  • Organization

6. Detailed view of the tags

  • Descriptions
  • Procedures
  • Container & Alternates
  • IPD
  • PM

7. Supplements

  • Delivery in v4.1: DME, CMP (DDN, DML)
  • DM ACT/CCT/PCT and CIR applicability
  • Management of SB by CCT
  • SCORM compatibility: schemas & DMC Learning

8. Applicabilities

  • CIR Applicabilities

9. Learning - SCORM

  • Introduction
  • DM Learning

Practical work

The exercises include, by comparing trainees’ knowledge:

  • Writing XML
  • Creating a DMRL for the drafting of a CMP
  • Creating Descriptions
    • Headings, paragraphs, lists, tables
    • Illustrations, captions
    • References
  • Creating Procedures
    • Steps
    • Preliminary & Close requirements
    • Tools & CIR
    • Illustrations, hotspots
  • IPD (examples only)
    • Links to IPD & CIR
    • Links from IPD
  • Creating a Publication
    • Includes trainee work

Handicap accessible

4D CONCEPT is committed to making training available to everyone.
Our centers are accessible to people with reduced mobility, and our teams are responsible for providing the best possible support to participants with disabilities, whatever they may be, throughout their training course.
Please contact us at the following address psh-accueil@.4dconcept.fr to better understand your request and its feasibility.