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For our customers, increasing equipment availability and lowering maintenance costs To solve these issues, 4D CONCEPT provides a comprehensive suite of products and services that ensure process continuity and optimize the competitiveness of your client services through high-performance document chains.


Technical documentation, a matter of expertise above all

Understanding the operating parameters of a piece of equipment or a system is necessary to be able to make the right diagnosis of its causes of malfunction.

The challenges encountered by the technicians in charge of this task emerge mostly from information access issues and discrepancies between what is reported at any one time and the reality of the systems in operation.


The TECH DATA approach of "understanding" and "restitution" of technical messages

4D CONCEPT’s expertise enables it to approach technical knowledge of systems in an analytical and thorough manner.

Our method entails creating the system’s knowledge base from direct technical experience and then translating that knowledge base to make it operational via texts, drawings, or any type of binary file.


Knowledge acquisition of the rules for correct system functioning follows the “natural” processes of comprehending the system’s operation; for a specific product, these are:

  • Analyzing the product inputs/outputs (nature, quantity, and quality).
  • Analyzing the product transformation phases in the system in order to define the elementary systems.
  • Consolidating the operating principles of each elementary resource.
  • Drawing up the system cycle diagram with on/off conditions.
  • Consolidating the fundamentals of system synchronization in the diagrams.
  • Analyzing the human-machine-interfaces that ensure overall system control and inform the operator of current situations.

… and restitution

The way we transform basic information into a technical message is organized around the following main areas:

  • The description of how it works (with customer-specific context)
  • The operating modes and scenarios
  • Diagnostic assistance using the sensors/actuators of each system
  • The maintenance plan and specific operating ranges
  • The configuration modifications (service bulletins)
  • Spare parts catalog

This comprehension is coupled with our resolve to deliver technical information to the user in a way that requires the structuring of that information in a common goal, the technical message.

These messages must be tailored to the user’s immediate comprehension needs. The technical knowledge included in them must consequently be presented in an appealing and educational manner, which is where illustrations make a contribution.

Educational illustration

Illustrations, which are typically created from the system’s 3D graphic base, allow the user to enter naturally into an immersive logic, which is beneficial to the acquisition and memorization of the developed message, through the use of the views described below:

  • 3D assembled views used for functional and descriptive representations
  • 3D exploded views used for maintenance range representations
  • 2D plan views preferably used for block diagrams
Our profession

Trust 4D Concept with your projects

A distinctive approach

Cost control and achieving an organization’s objectives require implementing resources primarily related to technical, scientific, and communication documentation.

Our objective is to provide cutting-edge services and technologies designed by information processing professionals while achieving these two criteria.

Impact and added value

The impact of our actions is immediately seen on the system that is being maintained and operated, or through the quality of the publications distributed, by the teaching methods and informational quality, as well as by the usability of the information restitution system.

Our skills allow us to recover, analyze, and integrate all the source data necessary for the production of content: technical data, operating data, logistical data, maintenance plans, digital models, maintenance times, rates and scales, feedback, technical facts, technical documentation, training materials, etc.

All our upstream actions are defined, implemented and qualified in this spirit; it is our added value.

Methodology and Quality

We mobilize in parallel all the skills required to bring projects to a successful conclusion by grouping them according to the topics to be addressed.

Our engineering approach ensures that our actions are efficient, uniform, and complete; this is our quality pledge.


Taking into account the user’s and audience’s technological, cultural, and psychological environments in our applications helps us to guarantee that the customer’s investment will be useful. The simultaneous use of maintenance expertise and system designers’ skills ensures content control that is connected to container adaptability. Our interface ergonomics are continually being tested; simplicity and user-friendliness in computer applications are not the exclusive domain of standard solutions.

Our unique approach, close to the action, and our determination to always put ourselves in the shoes of the user, ensure the success of our services. This is our originality.

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