There are 4.95 billion Internet users in the world, or 62.5% of the population.

Every month, approximately 56% of Internet users aged 16-64 purchase goods or services online.

Your digital market is composed of 2.77 billion internet users; your audience is at the heart of this potential.

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4D Concept allows you to have the right mix of content, audience and medium to reach and engage your audience by making the most of the interactivity of your apps, customer portals, websites, etc.

Customer Experience

Are you prepared for personalization and customer experience?


Understanding your data

To communicate with your customers, subscribers or employees, you need to understand and make use of all the ergonomic, navigation, and interactive codes.


Personalize without complicating

The goal is to create publications that immerse users in a personalized experience and make them familiar with your brand.


Information as a tool

The technological data and communication channels enable us to comprehend your information assets as if they were technical or commercial tools: presentations, infographics, shareable materials, and so on.


Are you ready for all forms of distribution?

Too much data

Producing publications that are tailored to each piece of material, each platform, and each user is time-consuming, if not impossible, both humanly and manually, because too many parameters come into play. Our solutions process the data for you.

Too many tools

Each distribution platform has its own workflows, includes its own publishing tools, and imposes its own rules and metadata. Choose one of our independent and versatile platforms.

Too many formats

The many publishing variants require either dedicated content or a mix of text and media created for the target publications.

In the latter case, we speak of cross-media publishing, and our XML-based software excels in this type of publication.

Digital First

Produce natively in digital to better distribute

Assisted production

We develop information systems that facilitate daily tasks: no need to clutter your mind, you entrust the software with all the authoring rules, commands for interactivity, and other referencing and audience statistical analysis.

Preview to ensure compliance

The templates are numerous.

Each platform has between 4 and 10 of them: reel, story, mosaic, post image, post video, event, poll, live, talk, without forgetting the responsive design for the web.

Discover our solutions with instant preview.

Data Circular Flow

Learn how our customers use our technologies to retrieve broadcast and over-enriched information in order to track their success, gather community feedback, or add processing data using artificial intelligence.

Pilotez votre performance éditoriale et maitrisez les réactions de vos communautés.

Ajoutez des données via des intelligences artificielles pour augmenter vos contenus.

Assisted XML

XML allows you to produce content by distinguishing the content from the form, which gives free rein to the creation of content and the evolution of your digital publications.

Our publishing systems allow you to produce in XML, in WYSIWYG contexts or as forms with assistance, thus guiding your digital production without having to acquire code.


We innovate for you and with you

35 years of acquired experience

We are not only experts in publishing and distribution system technology, but we have also worked with prominent companies in the high-tech publishing and communications sectors for 35 years. Each customer benefits from our years of knowledge as well as our professionalism in handling your projects.

Because it's fun to innovate

We are enthusiastic about new technologies and understand that winning a competition requires cutting-edge tools and equipment. From childhood dreams to adult reality, we have kept the essentials in order to offer you a simple and fun way to stand out in your projects.

We look to the future

We understand how to meet your expectations today while also working beside you to better prepare you for the future.

Publishing technologies and distribution methods are evolving, and your information assets must be able to evolve rapidly without constraints in order to be sustainable.

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