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In the era of the digital revolution, the problems of production, management, and distribution of content are common to all sectors of activity, regardless of the purposes or uses of the information being produced. This is why we now support clients in segments as diverse as the aerospace and defense industry and the press. The structural preparation of content is a prerequisite for the performance of the applications that will have to use it. It is on this philosophy that we have built the expertise that distinguishes us from our competitors.

Our values

Our values are your values; they nourish our company culture, enhance employee well-being, and bind us together.


Skill is achieved by sizeable investment in the ways and means of training our staff for tomorrow’s specializations.

Employee well-being

Employee well-being through a pleasant work environment and leisure spaces, individual tailoring of working conditions (remote working, flexible working hours, etc.) to better balance private and professional life.


A compensation policy based on recognition and skill.

Social diversity

Our key goal in team composition is to promote social diversity through the search for talent without discrimination in recruiting.


Respect for the environment (travel policy, energy optimization, waste and paper management, e-waste recycling) and ethical business practices.


Performance and innovation to meet our aspirations and the motivation to continually do better in order to provide our clients with a tailored service.

High standards

We set high standards for ourselves by pursuing a policy of continuous improvement, which has led to certifications such as ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 27001 (information systems security (in progress).


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The highlights of 4D CONCEPT

Writing of documentation

Positioning in the document engineering segment

Positioning in the document engineering segment


Settlement in the westerns suburbs of Paris

Development and integration of document solutions

Positioning in the Documentary Engineering segment

1st AECMA 1000D experience & 1st tool development


Launch of the Doc’Advance solution


Opening of the LYON agency near Renault-Trucks & 1ʳᵉ DITA experience (modular documentation and applicability to the V.I.N.)


XMS editorial solution (XML Make Sense) for the Press and Media segment.


Opening of the TOULOUSE agency near the AIRBUS GROUP.

Transformation of the company towards software publishing

Publishing of 2 specialized software suites

Capital opening and entry of the Maury Imprimeur Group.


Launch of the CODEX iPad and Android Tablet APP, Epub3 and PDF reading platform.


Release of the HEYSQUID content management system and its Technical GED, DITA, and News versions.


Launch of the ADAM Logistics module for S3000L continuity and ISO27001 certification.

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Why 3 locations?


Located inside the Grand Paris city, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines meets several criteria: nature, competitiveness, sportsmanship, and multiple ambitions. It is a dynamic city with modern infrastructure that maintains social ties. This reflects our lifestyle.


Toulouse is one of the most popular French cities due to its economic dynamism, status as an aerospace center of excellence, ease of travel, quality of living, and proximity to multiple resources. Toulouse is where Airbus Group, its many subsidiaries, and its main suppliers are based.


Located between the sea and the mountains, Lyon Métropole has an excellent communication network, a great economic attractiveness, cultural, architectural, and gastronomic charms, and a quality of life that is increasingly recognized and appreciated in France. Lyon is a basin composed of mechanical, chemical, pharmaceutical, nuclear, and IT industries.
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