Cooperation and interactivity are digital must-haves.

Digital technology is transforming business models and creating new sources of revenue.

The need to connect systems and make them available in a single view for actionable information, decision-making, and business process optimization is the key to managing data.

Companies are linking internal and external resources from partners, suppliers, and customers to speed their digital transformation, using everything from microservices, through serverless functions, to integration flows.


A complex cohabitation without guidance and support

As a result, information systems are increasingly reliant on a complex mesh of applications that communicate with each other. Each of the paths taken by the information constitutes an information flow.

It is vital to be able to integrate and/or present data skillfully in order to benefit from this new type of information network.

The boundaries between the applications that comprise an Information System can be hazy, resulting in functional overlap amongst similar applications.

This is why, at 4D Concept, before any operation, we model your information flows and produce a flow map that will be used for audits, recommendations or for your projects.


Our categories of solutions for your information flows

4D Concept’s expertise in information flow management enables us to address your objectives with a comprehensive set of solutions.

Our content management software or our document workshops support automations such as:

Tracé 5876
Triggering publication actions
Tracé 5876
Changing workflow states, including a transition
Tracé 5876
Modifying rights and task assignments
Tracé 5876
Version tracking
Tracé 5876
Tracé 5876
Filing and archiving
Tracé 5876
Automatic data enrichment (semantic, AI)
Tracé 5876
Image processing, etc.
Tracé 5876
Automating imports and exports of documents or data
Tracé 5876
Processing of formats, normalization,
Tracé 5876
Automating deliveries (publications and broadcasts)

Trust 4D Concept with your information flow management


For your peace of mind

Entrust the mundane tasks of daily life to software automations so that you can focus on what is important and refocus yourself and your employees on tasks with high added value.

Improve the quality of your data by preventing human errors caused by manual replication (data copy/paste) or forgetting (planning of actions to be carried out on the date or following another action).


For your performance

Prove your performance by tracing information flows and avoiding transmission errors.

Avoid having to redo previously completed work and instead choose to gain in productivity, decision making, and hence reliability.


For your competitiveness

4D Concept helps you in better connecting, integrating, and unifying all your data.

Profit from a 360° perspective of your activities, allowing you to optimize the analysis, and decide on the areas of new revenue generation.

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