The benefit of our solutions-related services

Our solutions are rich in features,
and our support in their daily use is essential
for the comfort of our customers.

We want you to be able to use your product to its full potential,
which is why we pay particular attention to the quality of our support.

A single website

4D Concept support site

Answering all your questions

Each of our support customers has their own access and can find a sympathetic ear for each of their requests.

We respond as quickly as possible and ensure complete traceability of all exchanges until the requests are resolved.


Found a problem? Our support team logs the request, and you, the customer, receive assistance.

Our forum makes it easy to follow the thread of exchanges.


As some questions are answered directly in our knowledge base, we offer an FAQ that is added to each time we detect and resolve recurring requests.

Keeping you informed

Our products are continually improving, and these updates frequently make our products easier for you to use on a daily basis or can sometimes open up new functional possibilities for our customers.

Release Notes

Release Notes show you what has changed at a glance.


Our support site provides access to a Blog with technical and educational communications.


A Documentation section provides access to all standard-related and custom implementation documentation.

Our commitment

Delivering an optimal experience

Customer focus and empathy

Above all, our customers are our best source of inspiration.

We have been focusing on your suggestions for many years, which is why our solutions are so successful today.

We establish channels of trust and integrate the corporate values of each of our clients.

As a result, our actions are mindful, ethical, and intended to satisfy.

Customer service with peace of mind

We know that frustration leads to dissatisfaction, which is why we make it a point of honor to deal with all your requests without exception.

The way we handle your requests maximizes the experience throughout the process: response time, quality of our customer focus, accessibility, and access to information.

Closer to you

We already know each other


Your contacts in charge of meeting your expectations are experts; they know not only the products, but also our customers’ businesses.

This is why every answer given to you, even by your first-level contact, is reliable and precise.


Knowing the business of our customers and understanding jargon as diverse as that found in publishing weeklies or aeronautical maintenance documents, allows us to establish a close relationship.

This proximity facilitates communication between our customers and the support department.

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