What sets us apart

4D CONCEPT’s DNA is a skillful combination of expertise in document engineering and mastery of XML structuring.

This DNA allows us to approach the information ecosystems of our customers with a real differentiating factor: we offer the advantages of a software publisher, combined with the advantages of a local partner.

We are proud of our extensive knowledge of the standards applicable to the various professions of our customers. This is especially recognized by the largest manufacturers and by companies who want to be at the forefront of communication technologies.

Our flexibility also allows us to design software solutions and services that are adapted to anyone who has no constraints regarding their information model and wishes to personalize their information model for the great benefit of their editorial line, their audience, and their brand.

We bring each digital transformation within everyone’s reach, with the appropriate support, from 100% print to multichannel (web, app, 3D, augmented reality, embedded)

New technologies, such as semantics, 3D, AR, VR, and AI, will inevitably be at the heart of your future projects. Our ability to innovate and integrate is a guarantee of sustainability for our customers and partners.

Support & Guidance

We have an in-house team of technical writers who have many years of experience working with our historical customers, and we continue to improve based on their experience.

Our extensive experience has proven to us that this is an excellent method for our product development teams to be in contact with the same profession as our customers.

These frank and door-to-door exchanges allow us to design ergonomic, user-friendly software that is focused on production comfort and the optimization of daily tasks.

It is these same document engineering professionals who will guide you through all the stages of the implementation of your editorial projects.

From initial advice, to process mapping and training, you will always be supported by 4D CONCEPT experts.

Skills & Expertise

Immodesty and pretentiousness are very French characteristics.

Regardless, we are proud to claim that we are highly skilled specialists when it comes to documentary standards and norms!

We combine layout designs with knowledge of machine languages such as SGML until current XML.

Thus, we can explore with our customers the best ways to ensure they are successful in meeting their goals.

And we are committed to training students in technical writing techniques and standards.


Document engineering is a tool to help people communicate with each other in a time when technologies and decision-making processes are complicated and must consider a different physical distance and time frame between the same people.

For example, document engineering will design a tutorial that a person can play without physical access to the object or “live” access to the trainer.

Document engineering therefore involves mastering all the processes of signal processing to make the information practical.

These precepts are focused on the end user and are universal.

We know how to apply our knowledge to better communicate, better maintain, better use or better learning because our discipline is for all professions.


We are passionate about new technologies because they stimulate us in the way we approach problems and their solutions.

Talents initiate innovations seeking to simplify the lives of their fellow human beings.

We are curious and humanist, which pushes us to go out of the frame and think “out of the box”.

We observe our environment and the routines of our customers to offer them the best shortcuts with the sole aim of reducing any arduousness, any cognitive load and improving accessibility.

Our philosophy is that there is always a way to solve a problem, always!

For example, we prefer content based on interactive 3D objects because they are less constrained by language barriers.

We have taken innovation in the field of document engineering to the next level.

4D CONCEPT has always had an innovative corporate image, and we continue to cultivate our R&D.

The interfaces of our software are the result of this spirit of innovation, they are acclaimed by all, come and see by yourself!

Performance & Quality

Since its creation in 1989, the company has constantly looked for new approaches to provide its customers with innovative and effective solutions.
Today, it offers several content management solutions for the production, supply, organization, and publication of cross-media information.
4D CONCEPT is composed of business experts and technological talents with great professionalism, based on a solid methodological framework.
We guarantee you services of an irreproachable quality and software on which you can count.

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