AIRBUS selects ADAM S1000D for A350 customers

The new Aeronautical programs are subject to new documentary standards. The A350 Program is the first Airbus aircraft to use this standard.

After a long benchmark of market solutions, Airbus has selected the ADAM S1000D 4.2 suite and now offers the solution to customers of its new aircraft.

The first customers installed this year were delighted with the performance offered by the ADAM suite, as well as the ease of use and ergonomics of the interfaces.

Like its American counterpart, the two largest players in the industry have made extensive use of all S1000D standards. This strategy should enable Airbus to offer more competitive documentation tools that are appropriate to the new operating conditions.

Quickly access precise and contextual information to a particular situation, get an automated aggregation of all information contributing to a maintenance task and view a dynamic simulation of the digital model, were some of the challenges that Airbus identified for its new documentary solution.