Lexis Nexis France chose 4D Concept to launch Lexis eLivres ™

In 2015, Lexis Nexis France, market leader in legal publishing in France, chose 4D Concept to launch a digital view offering for its Lexis eLivres ™books.

Based on the ePub 3 Codex white label, developed by 4D Concept, this offering allows you to buy (in In-App) and view (off-line) Lexis Nexis France books on iPad and Android tablets.

It mainly lets Lexis Nexis France provide each buyer of a code or a paper-based practical guide with a single coupon for free download of the book in digital format.

The coupon, strictly associated with a single user and allowing only a limited number of downloads, prevents the uncontrolled dissemination of digital works.

The expertise of 4D Concept, and the complete control of the solution designed and developed internally from A to Z, made it possible to produce this unique and multi-platform solution, exactly customized to the needs of Lexis Nexis France.

With an app to its name, Lexis Nexis France ensured it would be seen in the Stores and bolstered its resolutely modern strategic direction. It is also a showcase in which customers of Lexis Nexis France can view extracts from books before purchasing a digital copy immediately or a paper-based copy subsequently.

The digital viewing features make for very comfortable reading; users can set bookmarks and make annotations, browse using links and the table of contents, read in double page or in single page.

Some features have been specially adapted for the context of legal books, sometimes with the equivalent of several thousand pages, including optimized full-text search that does not interrupt viewing, a specific search by law section number, and page numbering on the fly for maximum display speed.

This success with 1,500 users, and 80 books, is renewed each year with the availability of new editions of each book at the same time as the paper-based version.

For Lexis Nexis France, this solution is also a guarantee of security, with end-to-end encryption of the works using a unique key for each user and for each work, ensuring the highest level of protection against illegal downloading.

It is also the possible to check and validate the ePubs directly in the app before public distribution.

Finally, it is a back-office web management of books, users and download coupons, hosted on a specific server, making Lexis Nexis France completely independent and completely in control of its publications.

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