The challenge

Michelin wanted to create more digital offerings, and streamline and modernize its information system.

Two projects were launched: the IT Project (Tourist Information) and the GM Project (the Michelin Guide).

These projects concerned the implementation of an information system and a centralized editorial system, to optimize the use of their contents and to benefit from their wealth of data.

The solution

Quite naturally, 4D Concept offers its XMS solution.

The use of our tools allowed Michelin to build a single repository and use it in its various publications to distribute its content across all channels (print, web, mobile, etc.).

As part of the IT project, our tools allowed the writing and publication of the Green Guide, the Weekend Guide and the At-a-Glance Guide. These guides were organized by points of interest (hotels, museums, etc.).

As part of the GM project, our tools enabled the writing and layout of the contents of the Michelin Guide, the Bib Gourmand, etc. These guides recommend places to eat and sleep well.

Through the design of the system that was put in place, the process of producing a guide was simplified (retrieving and automatically organizing information) and so time-to-market was optimized.