Revue Banque uses XMS to create, manage and distribute its contents


A benchmark press group in the banking, finance and insurance sectors, Revue Banque offers diversified content and services: information (with 4 specialized journals), publishing, seminars, workshops, web, e-bookstore, database, Digital Library etc.  Founded in 1926, the Revue Banque Group relies on the expertise of its authors and recognized know-how.

For several years now, Revue Banque has been using the XMS editorial solution to create, manage and distribute its content in digital format.


The project covers the following scope:

  • Content Management System connection to print layout and publication tool Adobe InDesign (semi-automatic 4-journal composition)
  • Setting up the XMS Content Management System with MarkLogic Server
  • Configuration and integration of the website in Drupal
  • Connection of the XMS content management system to the Drupal website via web services and automatic synchronization of the various customer databases
  • Installing InD2WEB
  • Installing XMS Content Factory:
    • AFP, legal watch, etc.
    • Composition and marketing of thematic XML, PDF, image flows, etc.
    • Repository and audience database

Currently at 4D Concept

It is on the strength of its experience in this project that the 4D CONCEPT teams are continually improving their developments and the CCMS DITA FACTORY roadmap, convinced that the need expressed by the PSA Group was not isolated. Today, all the players in fields as varied as industry, digital services, publishing, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods
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