Usability, an advantage for the user

Usability, an advantage for the user

Our belief

Usability is no longer considered a minor issue. However, still today too many companies tend to neglect this point, preferring to seek inspiration from trends rather than risk innovating.

A product cannot be used effectively without good usability.

Usability refers to the set of features that ensure advantageous use, optimizing the daily tasks of users.

It is therefore one of the steps that contributes to the successful creation of the product.

Designing the usability of software is an important step in software creation. This design must be underway before any line of code is considered.

Therefore, it is not enough to be satisfied only with its performance, but to combine look and feel with performance. This is what 4D Concept does.

Design is a priority for our company, it is important for the look and feel. Above all, it identifies and enhances our products. More specifically, people find it simple to project themselves and embrace new ideas when usability is designed with them in mind.

As a result, our teams are in constant contact with our customers to improve user experience. We study their feedback in order to improve various features.

We ourselves come from the same profession as many of our customers.

Above is an example of the interface design of the DITA FACTORY publishing module. The goal of the modeling is to highlight the essentials: review, publish and distribute.

Using our own tools is part of our corporate culture.

This allows us to anticipate the needs of our customers especially through our technical authors who write in S1000D, ATA or DITA.

We carefully study our customers’ feedback, which allows us to easily design usability to suit their needs.

We adopt an agile approach to our work, which ensures that we implement responsive software solutions based on requests. By adopting this strategy, we ensure that our software adapts to our customers’ changing business needs.

Save time with a minimum of clicks

Our interfaces are sleek and stylish to encourage the use of our applications. We emphasize two important aspects: the “User Experience or UX” and the “User Interface or UI “.

Thanks to our UX, it is easy for our customers to find their way around the application quickly. This makes the product pleasant to use and instinctive for the user’s journey.

Navigating of our software is smooth and optimal. The number of clicks has been minimized, which allows for faster work.

The interfaces are organized and practical to use. Everything is thoughtfully put together and fit for purpose.

The impetus to use and interact with any software program is served by a features that are simple to read. Users have access to a dashboard that ensures that they can make decisions quickly in their projects.

In addition, the colors defined for our software, the general look and feel, benefit the user’s working environment. In this way, the implementation of automatic programs, limit the repetitive tasks of the users.

The software is designed to perform the laborious tasks and actions in the user’s place.

The right UX/UI design method

The development of a software offering must be iterative and continuous, with moments of pause to allow for deep reflection and rethinking of features. 

We therefore adopt a different rhythm depending on the type of release being considered. The user experience (UX) is not systematically redesigned; it is at most improved with the aim of integrating a new command, a new feature, and has only a slight impact on the human-machine interface, the UI.

In this first case, design is an integral part of the development phases and is completely envisaged as a secondary task to the subject of development, as illustrated below.

Process continu redesign UI

Designing a successful user interface is a particularly long thought process. It must be designed in the early phases of the project (as shown below) because it represents the set of mechanisms that will correspond to user activities.

Process continu design UX

By breaking down these tasks and actions, we are able to consider improvements and solutions that make our products successful.

User experience design is thus the cornerstone of our software.

This is a great reason to come see them.

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