DITA: Introduction to the standard

DITA training course for beginners

DITA, what is it, exactly?
How does this standard meet customer documentation production or maintenance needs?
For what ROI, what changes in the production process, what scope upstream (studies) and downstream (publication)?

So many questions – and others a little more technical – to which you will have a documented answer by following this training.

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General information


Maximum number of trainees: 6


1 day


March 18, 2021


Available on request


Document managers, documentation architects, technical writers



Our training can be held in-person or remotely.

In 2020, we adapted all our courses to the constraints of distance learning. It is now possible for you to benefit from all our expertise from anywhere, without traveling or seeing us.


At the end of the course, you will have acquired the basics of the standard such as:

Main notions and types of Subjects

Reusing Topics in Trees

Structuring of Topics with main tags

The concept of transversal library

The notion of variable

Links and Navigation


Production organization

How to find more information


1. Introduction

  • New challenges for technical documentation
  • Modularize, structure, single-source
  • Brief XML history

2. XML Survival Kit for Authors

  • Elements, Attributes
  • XML Publishing
  • Getting to know Oxygen™

3. DITA in wide shot

  • A super XML
  • DITA Files
  • Standard Organization

4. Create a Publication

  • Organize a Publication
  • Maps/Bookmaps Tags
  • Navigation and Relationships

5. Creating Topics

  • Write differently
  • Tags under the microscope
  • Links

6. Strategies for Re-use

  • Re-using segments (Content Ref)
  • Data import
  • Conditional filtering and variables

7. Organizing production

  • Workflow to Publication
  • Organize the teams
  • Writing Guidelines

Assessment methods:
The evaluation of the achievements will be carried out by the trainer at the end of the course.

Update January 2022

Handicap accessible

4D CONCEPT is committed to making training available to everyone.
Our centers are accessible to people with reduced mobility, and our teams are responsible for providing the best possible support to participants with disabilities, whatever they may be, throughout their training course.
Please contact us at the following address psh-accueil@.4dconcept.fr to better understand your request and its feasibility.

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